What is accreditation?  Accreditation is an evaluation that measures your abilities as an umpire.

  • Accreditation is now mandatory.  All AFLTUA umpires must have at least Level 1 accreditation or be working towards Level 1 in your chosen discipline. 

  • Umpires are able to be accredited in more than one discipline. 

  • Umpires will be observed on game day as a part of the evaluation process.

  • Once an umpire have achieved their accreditation they receive a certificate of accreditation at our annual presentation night.


Level 1 - Introductory Accreditation


The AFL Level 1 Umpire Accreditation incorporates a range of competencies to help umpires to gain the knowledge and skills required to adequately perform the basic tasks associated with umpiring Australian Football.


All first year umpires are expected to complete a Level 1 accreditation during their first season. Level 1 comprises of a an online theory component and a practical/game day component.  The online course cost is $12.00 and will take between one and two hours to complete.


The practical component is an umpires performance on game day - umpires will be observed by the Regional Umpires Manager (RUM) or their appointed person as a part of the accreditation process 


Umpires must complete both components successfully to acheive the full Level 1 accreditation. Click here to commence the Level 1 Umpire Accreditation course.

Level 2 - Advanced Accreditation


Level 2 is the advanced accreditation for Australian Football umpires. To attempt Level 2 in your chosen discipline, an umpire must have already achieved a Level 1 Accreditation.


Level 2 comprises of a workbook that must be completed during the season, along with an assessment component. Level 2 umpires are assessed in match conditions on a minimum of three occasions by the RUM or their appointed person during the season.


If you are interested in taking your umpiring to this next level, please speak to the RUM and we can provide you with the Level 2 workbook that you will need to work through. 

For more information on umpire accreditation courses, please visit the AFL Umpire Accreditation Courses website.