AFL Townsville Umpires Association Committee

Your committee is here to ensure the smooth running of the association and to assist the members become the best umpires they can be.  All members are welcome to talk to any committee member at any time if they have any questions or feedback.  We are a family orientated association where all members and their supporters are welcome at training sessions, compulsory nights, on match days and at AFLTUA functions.

Chris Payne.JPG

Chris Payne

Association President

Chris has been umpiring with AFLTUA for a couple of years now after being posted in with the defence force.  He joined the committee last year and this year has agreed to take on the role as president.  He has been involved with AFL for many years mainly playing, and a bit of boundary umpiring in the EDFL.  More recently being involved with coaching and team staff with his sons football teams he and his sons now umpire.



Kimberly Harding

Regional Umpires Managers (RUM)


Kimberley  as the AFLTUA caoch is  part of both AFLQ and AFLTUA executive.    Kimberley responsible for the training and development of umpires and for the game day appointments.  She is more than happy to talk with anyone about their umpiring. Kimberley has many years umpiring experience and several years experience as the RUM.



Cheryl Gray

Association Vice President

Cheryl is one of our goal umpires and has been umpiring with us for a number of years.  Cheryl has served several years as a general committee member and makes wonderful desserts for our social meal nights!!  Cheryl also recently reached 300 games umpired in the goals!


Jed Matz

Association Treasurer


Jed comes to us with lots of business experience behind him and experience in MYOB which is our accounting software.

Jed joined the association in 2018 as a goal umpire and moved onto doing field as well as goals. 


Pieta James

Association Secretary


Pieta joined the AFLTUA committee in 2012 and served as Association Secretary until 2016.  Taking a welcome year off from the secretary role but remained on the committee,  came back as secretary in 2018.  Pieta does not umpire but is actively involved in other association activities.



Katrina Orr

Sponsorship & Marketing Coordinator

Katrina has held this position before did a great job, then moved away due to hubby being in the army.  They are now back and she is keen to do it again !  Katrina is one of our senior Goal Umpires which she has now done for several years.


Mal Gray.JPG

Malcolm Gray

General Committee Member

Mal is one of our field umpires.  He has been a member of our group for several years now and has been on the committee as his army career has allowed, recently holding the position of Vice President.  Now retired from the army he has been great for our group and makes pretty good chilli !!

Andrew Crook

General Committee Member

Andrew is one of our field umpires.  Even though he has umpired in Townsville before, and for many years in other places, he has been back in Townsville with his defence posting since 2017 and joined the committee in 2018  as a general committee member.